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2005 – To Poland

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Zielona Gora - Poland

Jul / 2005

I will never forget the first time… this has been the first of a long series of travels to Poland, mostly to Zielona Gora, to mmet Carlo.. In this first occasion was gathered the 70% of the mythological coolest firnds’ group: Carlo (Falco), Luca (Toninho), Alessandro (Bobo), and me (Count Vlad). There have been so many excellences in this travel: from Gazeta Lubuska to Pepe Nero restaurant, from the complishments to the Fiat 126 driver, to the Heineken Festival, from the camping at Sopot, to the endless car trip… an entire book wouldn’t be enough…

Little story: it was in this occasion, the night after our trip to Gdansk that, due to my sleeping position, I was called with the nickname that marks me since many years: the Count Vlad!!!