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2016 – 500 Miles of Pomposa

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Pomposa (FE) - Italy

May / 29 / 2016

Pomposa is my favourite outdoor track ever; here I have lived epic and magic experiences, like the neverending 24h, one of them half raced under a thunderstorm. In 2016 the Skindoor Racing Team was composed by: Cristian Meloni, Enrico Anselmi, Alessandro Picciau, Luis Humberto castro, Luca Corvetto. Thanks to a really precise logistic and strategic organization, perfectly managed by Luis, and supported by a great training for the whole team, we catched a beautiful 7th place… that could have been something more, if there hadn’t been a couple of unlucky mechanical failures, that wasted a mountain of time. Great performance of the whole team! At the top for 15 hours racing…